Editor 42 grid and Pathmapping/Pathfinding

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Editor 42 grid and Pathmapping/Pathfinding

Postby Swaffy » Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:00 am

Here's a picture explaining how to measure the Pathfinding file's pixels in the Editor 42 map editor. Notice how a 2x2 square in Editor 42 makes up one pixel for the Pathfinding file.

This is because when you convert the map's ground texture to a Pathfinding file, the file's size has to be cut in half. So a 2x2 square becomes a 1x1 square (1 pixel). And when a Pathfinding file is converted to a map's ground texture, a pixel becomes a 2x2 square.


It is VERY IMPORTANT to keep this in mind because if on 2x2 square is half white and half black, you won't know if (after converting the textures to a Pathfinding file) the pixel will come out completely black or completely white.
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