DC Unauthorized v3.3 ready for combat!

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DC Unauthorized v3.3 ready for combat!

Postby Apache Thunder » Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:31 pm

FINALLY got v2.3 uploaded! Now with the much improved DC Sea Rigs, Gulf of Oman with more lightmaps, etc.


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DC UNAUTHORIZED v2.3 RC1 - Conversion(s)/other stuff by Apache Thunder


Self extracter will extract the client files to the following directory:

C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\Mods

Besure that the "DC_UNAUTHORIZED" folder is in the mod's folder and that you don't endup with additional nested directorys as this will prevent the mod from working.

Features as of v1.0b:

1. 4 new vehicles converted from PoE of BFVietnam: Cobra (vanilla BFVietnam), RAH66-Comanche, BMP3, and the Tunguska

1.5: 3 new additional vehicles 2 of which were converted from BF2 (yeah you heard me right!). The Tunguska has now been converted to the BF2 version and the DPV has been converted to the JEEP FAAV.

2. 4 new maps: El Alamein Nights, Gazala Nights, Omaha Nights, and Gulf of Oman.

3. Gulf of Oman is my first complete conversion of a map from a different game engine. (BFVietnam) I did not convert it direct from BF2 however. Someone else did this, I converted it from BFVietnam to BF1942.

3.5: Ambient sounds and additional static objects were converted from BF2 to make the Gulf of Oman map closer to the BF2 version. This includes a new aircraft carrier! The LHD2 fresh from the BF2 engine for your playing pleasure!

4. All my night maps feature added "headlights" on most land vehicles!
 1. Made a few static objects destructible:
 2. The bridges in Wake Island and Gazala Nights
 3. The AmmoBoxes and Mediclockers.
 4. The Bunkers at the control points in El Alamein
 5. A few small barrels and the "repaircist" object (the gray propane like tank)
 6. Please note that not all maps will have these destructible objects.

6. Modded a few existing stuff like the T72. It has the rear fuel tanks lowered and the turret now has full 360 degree movement.

7. Added the blood mod.

8. Added a few cosmetic stuff like bodies staying around longer and the helmets that fall off a soldier that die will no longer "fall through the ground" and will stay and the ground for small period of time.

9. New menu videos. Map loading menus are now videos too! (not all maps will have this)

10. My most recent addition. A special stinger kit you pickup for hand-held guided stinger missiles! Yep, just like the SA-3 missile or the tomahawk. It has a tiny bit longer range then the standard Stinger missile.

11. Modded custom minimap frame and flag icons. Map now has direction indicators and flags icons below mini map. (used to be the boring blue and red icons)

12. Stinger weapons can now kill infantry. In real life they would certainly kill you if one went off right next to you. Since the engine was patched (beginning at v1.4), the proximity fuse won't detonate for infantry, so you must shoot a soldier directly or have it hit something right next to him. So this shouldn't pose any major balance issues.

13. New menu music. One of which you will recognize from the PoE mod of BFVietnam. (also note all the added vehicles are also from the PoE mod, except the Cobra, it is from vanilla BFVietnam)

14. AI Enhancement. The bots are now smarter and will now fire stinger missiles properly against aircraft! So watchout!

14.5 As of v12, bots now use landmines, maybe use the knife more often in close combat!

15. Modded AI code for all hand-weapons to ensure bots don't fire harmless guns against aircraft as the mod to make them fire stingers would also effect the handguns since the DC coders didn't have the guns setup correctly for aircraft)

16. Converted over a few Expansion pack maps and added a modified jet-pack to a few DC maps as well. I modified the jet-pack to have modern weapon layouts and a custom HUD texture for it. Please note that you must have both Expansion Packs installed for the xpack maps and the jet-pack to work. You must have at least the Secret Weapons of WW2 to play multiplayer on another server running this mod.

17. New Lada Car that serves as a Car Bomb. Had a couple small tanks in the seats to look like it's packed with explosives. :) Can be remote controlled from a table. Making the vehicle spawn on it's own on a map should also be SSM compatible so mod away!

18. Added custom LexiconAll.dat file so all the added vehicles and the guided stinger have proper in game kill messages and such. Also changed the name of the mod to "PoE Mini Mod" by using the Lexicon file. However the base name is still PoE_Comanche as some resources depend on that name for proper paths to some files to work.

18.5 Self Driving vehicles on the DC Basrah's Edge map. Crazy traffic that will make you more alert to the battlefield!

19. Added a new vehicle. A mobile version of the ZPU-4!

20. Added a fully working AP Landmine!

21. Made more adjustments to AI.

22. As of v12, I removed the new wreck lod system for the aircraft as there was network issues causing it to not work sometimes. (no wrecks would be emitted sometimes)

23. Fixed Tomahawk Guided Missile so that it can give credited kills but only when the player right clicks to detonate it prior to it hitting something.

24. Added custom mini-map icon to Tomahawk Guided missile. Original one made it look like a scout car on the mini-map, yuck!

25. To help the mod run better on lower end machines, I removed all the extended timetoliveafterdeath settings for the soldiers dead bodies from the maps. Now its a default of 60 seconds on all maps and 20 seconds for the helmets that fall off.

26. Made significant improvements to the Tunguska. Now it has a proper dummy projectile system for the missile launcher! The front facing radar dish thingy now rotates with the weapon array just like in BF2!

26.5 AI code finally fixed for Tunguska. Bots will fire it more often on aircraft. So watch-out!

27. Added a new T-72 variant. It is a T-72 with a TOW Launcher on a third PCO position.

28. Added a third PCO to both T72s and the M1A1, now the main battle tanks can launch smoke grenades and call arty (T72 TOW version won't have arty calling)

29. Other small things I might have forgotten about. :P

30. Added a whole bunch of BF2 sound effects. The flak explosions heard when AA guns are used have also been implemented.

31. the UAV trailer from BF2 has also been converted! It can be entered and a mini RC tank or mini RC helicopter can be launched as a guided weapon. Also featured only on the Gulf of Oman map is the mobile radar object from BF2!

32. More vehicles have been added. They were coded from scratch and did not come from an existing game engine! The models were found at a site that had free 3DS/MAX format models. I converted 3 vehicles from the site:
 1. The Ranger patrol vehicle. Similar to the DPV, but only has two seat positions. (passenger seat has 50 cal, and the other is the driver)
 2. The HEMTT cargo truck with working crane!.
 3. The URAL 375. The BM-21 has also been updated this the new Ural chassis.

33. A new parachute! Also from BF2. However it won't be animated as I do not know how to properly make animated meshes yet.

34. A few kit items have been converted from BF2: 1. The medkit. 2. The Allies Grenade.

35. The Grenade for the axis team has been converted from BFV.

36. The Radar Bunker can now be entered and has working radar. It also has a fully functional door that you can open and close! Use the throttle controls to control it. Great for those pesky snipers who don't want any infantry getting to them if they know if they've been found. However don't get too cocky, the bunker is still destructible, so artillery and aircraft/C4 can still take it out!

37. All the standard wooden bridges now have a BF2 style minimap icon and are destructible! Also did a custom wreck lod for them.

38. All objects that were converted from BFV/PoE for the Gulf of Oman map have now been integrated into the mod and now can be used on any map!

39. New map added! Baghdad Dawn! A urban map that is based off of downtown Baghdad (with airport).

40. Much more is planned and now the mod has so much stuff that it would take too much time to list it all! :P

v1.5 changes:

1. Corrected all known map crashes as reported by users.

2. Improved texture detail on all BF2 converted vehicles.

3. Fixed AI for DC_Weapon_Bunkers and re-added it. Now bots are much smarter on this map! :P

4. New Feature: Neutral flag will be on most uncapped flag poles when the control point in neutral.
 This feature is present on *most* maps. However there will still be some that won't have this...

5. Generated higher detail object light maps for a few maps.

6. Got AI fully working on Berlin. Now bots use the extended area and the extra flags are in now!

v2.0 Changes:

01. APMines system revamped. Now APMines are more reliable and will not go off on friendlies.
02. APMines are now self arming! Just drop and forget!
03. AI added to DC Sea Rigs! Thanks goes out to DACV who is responsible for the pathmaps for this one!
04. New menu videos and music added. Main menu background video changed.
05. RAH66 video (the old menu video) has been renamed and used as a loading screen on some maps.
06. Additional channels added to the ingame TV. More may be added in a later version!
07. UAV Trailer added to more maps!
08. Any other changes I may have forgotten about.
09. APMines now play the explosion sound effect at death properly.
10. TVSet object now present on DC Sea Rigs, Gulf of Oman, and El Alamein.
11. DC Weapon Bunker crash when hosting conqest mode FINALLY fixed!
12. Team specific kit parts finalized.
13. Customized maps for Campaign Mode, added briefing map images to maps that needed it.
14. Mini-map disabled on TDM as flag captures aren't the base for that mode. :P

v2.2 changes:

01. Redid headlight mesh and texture uvmapping as I modified the texture to a smaller size (unused portion wasn't needed)
02. Removed a few BIK files that aren't being used to save a bit of file space
03. Re-Organized some rfa file stuff.
04. Made sure all files are actually up-to-date in this release! :P
05. A few BF2 detail meshes on Gulf of Oman disabled to help older machines lag less on that map.
06. Finally fixed that guided AA bug that causes soldiers to rocket into the air if exiting the missile PCO early.
07. Fixed a few maps that crashed while attempting to host a conquest game.
08. APMine matID settings tweaked so that it doesn't "slide" down inclines anymore. It should now stay in the area you laid it!
09. APMines and C4 now stay in moving vehicles better.
10. Sprint feature added! Animation system tweaked so that the "walk" button is now a sprint button. The soldier will animate faster properly as well.
11. Weapons are disabled while sprinting, that includes sprint jumping!
12. Further tweaks to DC Sea Rigs. Now the added Singleplayer only staticobjects will show up properly when joining another server.
13. Campaign Mode updated with new map line up. Briefing textures to maps that need it.
14. First ever menu meme file tweak done to the Ingame menu layout. Moved that Pause texture down to the lower left cornor of the screen. :P
15. New mouse cursor! Some of you might recognize it....for those who don't, check the credits section. ;)
16. Other small things I forgot I did to this version.... :P

v2.3 Changes:

1. Redone ObjectLightMaps for DC Sea Rigs. Now adds more realism and overal quality increase in lighting.
2. Added PoE ground contact dust effects from wheels/treads for all land vehicles. Looks much better on night maps too!
3. Fixed missing combat zone on Gulf of Oman ingame minimap.
4. Fixed crash on yet another map that would crash when Conquest mode was started on client/server.
5. Added more BF2 sound effects including gunfire/missile fire sounds for the BMP2, Bradley and the new M6-Linebacker!
6. M6-Linebacker added to the mod. No I didn't use the one from DC Final or from another mod. I copied code from the M2A3 with a modified geometry for missile rack that I worked on myself!
7. All maps that had the M163 now have the M6-Linebacker to replace it.
8. Vehicle headlights on night maps now use the treeMesh system. Finally perfected the sprites so they always face the camera! :D
9. Baghdad's objectlightmaps redone at medium size. This should cut down on lag on slower machines.
10. treeMesh headlights added to Baghdad's street lamps for added realism.
11. Tweaked most helo's flight physics to improve AI use. Weapon AI also tweaked.
12. Added enhanced lightmaps for some buldinhgs in El Alamein Nights and the interior of the LHD2 in Gulf of Oman!
13. Additional lightmaps done on Gulf of Oman. Overall better appearance. LHD2 now has lightmaps.
14. DC Sea Rigs Interior now has new lightmaps!
15. New spawn point selection icon. Now uses the one from BF2.


1. Point of Existence mod makers for BFV and BF2. Without them I would have never started this mod.
2. Marshall Nord of www.gfmod.com He helped me get the AP Landmines working. Credit goes out for him for getting me started on it. Check their site for their upcoming DC Global Front mod!
3. EA Games for making Battlefield Vietnam....I did use use the Cobra in my mod, so I guess I have to credit them too...lol
5. The friendly folks at http://www.hellzhawtdogz.com/, They gave me a reason to work on the mod further then just a simple vehicle conversion mod!
6. Dzeri, the maker of the BFV conversion of the Golf of Oman map. Without that person, I would not have anything to convert to BF'42. As I can't convert maps from BF2 myself.
7. Youtube which is where I got the menu video stuff from.
8. The makers of RAD Video Tools. Without that, I couldn't convert those Youtube videos to BIK format!
9. The makers of BF2 and the tool I used to convert stuff from it!
10. LanClan. For making the Baghdad Dawn map!
11. DACV, for providing the needed AI files to get DC Sea Rigs in Singleplayer/COOP mode!
13. Battlefield Heroes, for providing that neat new mouse cursor! :P
14. Me! For making this mod :P

Most mod materials are from existing mod's like PoE and BFV and of coarse from the DC mod and from EA Game's Xpack content. This includes all new vehicles except the modifications done to them beyond that of the original mods they came from.

However there is a lot of stuff made by me, like menu enhancements, AI enhancements, additional improvements to existing vehicles, vehicle icons, the minimap frame and flag icons, The Simulator map, Night conversions of maps, destructible static objects, etc, etc.

For any questions about my mod or need help using it, you can email me at my new email address: tankerbot@gmail.com or find me at my clan's homepage at: www.worldclasskillersclan.com

Download Link: (new one file installer!)


Mirror Link:



V3.1 patch is ready. This fixes a few things and adds a laptop to the car bomb table:


You MUST have v3.0 installed before installing this update!

Preview Videos: (though these are bit outdated, they still show what most of the mod is about! :P)

Mod Preview 1
Mod Preview 2 (ingame menu video)

Hope you enjoy this release. Fell free to use any thing in this mod in your mod. Just credit me for it. (only the stuff I made like new light maps and such. I don't take credit for other mod materials like the PoE/BF2 vehicles!)

Update: v3.3 ready:


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Re: DC Unauthorized v2.3 ready for combat!

Postby freddy » Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:25 pm

thanks, will check this one out. i expect high quality work as always ;)
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Re: DC Unauthorized v2.3 ready for combat!

Postby Apache Thunder » Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:35 pm

No problem. Hope you have fun with it. :D

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Re: DC Unauthorized v2.3 ready for combat!

Postby MR PINK BALLS » Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:22 pm

Y are ther 6 parts? you can upload up to 600mb in filefront
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Re: DC Unauthorized v2.3 ready for combat!

Postby Apache Thunder » Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:05 pm

This is due to my limited upload speeds. I would never get time to upload the full 500+mb file. So I thought it would be best to upload it in parts.Upload 2 or 3 parts one day and the rest the next day. Cause if I try to upload it as one big file, it could get interrupted or my parents would come home on launch brake or something and ruin the whole upload. This way if I cancel a smaller file, it won't take as long to reupload it since I got the other parts uploaded already. ;)


The legal notice for the BF242 mod installer was accidentally used for the DC Unauthorized installer. I would have to reupload a whole new repacked archives to fix it....I guess I can just ignore that mistake for now

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Re: DC Unauthorized v2.3 ready for combat!

Postby freddy » Fri Oct 23, 2009 11:21 pm

search for DC UNAUTHORIZED for servername ingame multiplayer browser
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Re: DC Unauthorized v2.3 ready for combat!

Postby Apache Thunder » Sat Oct 24, 2009 3:16 am


Um...What exactly are you trying to say? Search for a game server using this mod? Haven't found a game server running this mod yet.

By the way, here is the server files for those running dedicated servers:

http://www.filefront.com/14767115/DC_Un ... rFiles.rar

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Re: DC Unauthorized v2.3 ready for combat!

Postby freddy » Sat Oct 24, 2009 2:23 pm

Apache Thunder wrote:Um...What exactly are you trying to say? Search for a game server using this mod?


run in to some trouble tho, not sure i got the xpack1 and 2 expansions correct (as in quick copy and paste) the first 2 maps runs perfect in coop but the third craps out.

will do some trouble shooting when i find time.
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Re: DC Unauthorized v2.3 ready for combat!

Postby Apache Thunder » Sat Oct 24, 2009 10:00 pm

Here's the 2.4 update. It's a small update feature wise. It adds collision to some shell casing effects and a new low ticket sound effect.

As for bug fixes, I fixed a issue I discovered when playing on your server. When playing on DC Sea Rigs, the Seagulls didn't rotate like they should. I found the problem and fixed it. (turns out, mobile physics had to be on and the dummy engine didn't need network info).

So the sea gulls should operate properly in multiplayer now. :D

Download Link:

http://www.filefront.com/14786455/DC_UN ... h_v2_4.exe

This patch can be applied to both the client and server files. v2.3 is required prior to installing the patch.

Didn't encounter any issues on the two maps I tested on your server besides the seagulls. Bashrah's Nights worked well DC Sea Rigs worked well.

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Re: DC Unauthorized v2.3 ready for combat!

Postby freddy » Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:41 pm

i changed to the serverfiles. seems to work ok now


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