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Raised Fist v0.6 Full + 0.61 Patches

PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 3:05 am
by Classical Modder
Raised Fist mod is an infantry only mod I started back in 2014 because I think we do not have enough of these in Battlefield 1942. I had a break of about a year and a half caused by school and other things, and have only recently started working on the mod again. I have had the immense luck and pleasure of finding some very talented mappers and modders to help me release v0.6 of the mod.

It is pretty sad that most big mods start as small infantry only conversion and branch out into full fledged total conversion mods, such was the case for Eve of Destruction. A few BF1942 mods such as FragField really know how to stay true to the infantry only aspect of the game.

Our vision of Raised Fist is to always keep it infantry only. Vehicles will never be added to the mod. If you would like to use some of the maps of Raised Fist to make your own mod conversion, please send me a PM on ModDB and I will get back to you when I can.

Changelog from v0.5 to 0.6

- Updated all Raised Fist loading screens. The new loading screens and load bars were made by Texafornian

- Three new maps have been added to the four previous ones: rf_pitch_black (made by Jim2102), rf_oasis (made by Texafornian) and rf_hellhouse (made by Black Mamba)

- New minimap CTF and team flag icons

- Reworked object textures, most notably the rf_canyon walls (textures now are more crisp and less pixelated) and the rf_castle labyrinth cover platform. The reworked object texture were made by Texafornian

- lexiconAll.dat overhaul. New custom spawn announcements for Elimination game mode, new game mode names, new team names, and much, much more

- The parachute bug from v0.5 which would cause a CTD was fixed. Parachutes now disabled by default for all weapon kits

- Number of grenades per kit switched from 1 to 2

- Shotgun from XPack2 ported to all weapon kits

- Fixed rf_canyon spawns in TDM + CTF and added health packs to rf_labyrinth

- New game modes: Elimination (kill the enemy team to win) and Demolition (modified ObjectiveMode)

- New game modes based on ObjectiveMode: Prisoner Rescue (available in rf_extended) and Infiltration (available in rf_infiltration)

- New custom mod icon, made by Texafornian

- New red colored fist replaces the default soldier health image

- The map "labyrinth_pro" was renamed to rf_labyrinth

- Four new building meshes (used in the map RF_Hellhouse) for you to discover

- New colored server mod icons

- New patches for the extra game modes that were made for the mod (rf_extended, rf_deathmatch, rf_infiltration). These game modes all have their custom mod icons and loading screens, all made by Texafornian

- New loading bar display and background image

- New colored "fist" in game health icon

Raised Fist v0.6 Full + v0.61 Patches General Information

New game modes have been made in v0.6, that were not present in v0.5 of the mod. The new game modes are: Demolition, Elimination, Prisoner Rescue and Infiltration.

Demolition: This game mode is present in the map RF_Castle. In Demolition, the Blue Team must find the two Demolition Kits, destroy the labyrinth door, enter the labyrinth, find the safe and then destroy it. The Red Team must prevent them from doing so. Both sides can spawn as many times as they want. One round lasts 10 minutes

Elimination: As the name says, whichever side eliminates the opposing team wins the round. Both sides only spawn once of course. The standard for elimination is set at 5v5 (100% ticket ratio value).

Prisoner Rescue: This game mode is only present in the rf_extended patch for the map RF_Hellhouse. The Red Team only has two minutes and 15 seconds to open all the prisoner cells and kill all the prisoners inside. The Blue Team must kill the Red Team before time runs out or prevent them from killing all the prisoners. Both teams only spawn once.

Infiltration: This game mode is only present in the rf_infiltration patch for the map RF_Arabian_Nights. The Blue Team must enter Red Team territory to steal a briefcase, and then bring it back to an extraction point to score a point. The Red Team must prevent the Blue Team from A) stealing the briefcase and B) bringing the briefcase back to the Blue extraction point. Briefcase and extraction point locations are marked clearly on the minimap. The Blue Team only has three minutes and a half to capture the briefcase. Both sides only spawn once.

Here is a game mode chart that shows which game modes are available in which maps and the corresponding mods for these game modes. It also shows if the game modes have pickups enabled (weapon kits, health packs) or not.

Raised Fist v0.6 Full + v0.61 Patches Pictures and Media

Raised Fist v0.6 Full Images

Download Links and Installation

Download Links for Raised Fist v0.6 Full (EXE + ZIP*)


Download Links for Raised Fist Extended v0.61 Patch (EXE + ZIP)


Download Links for Raised Fist Infiltration v0.61 Patch (EXE + ZIP)


*Note: If you downloaded the ZIP file from ModDB for raised_fist and the patches, you will need to extract the ZIP file to your BF1942 Mods folder, located by default @ C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\Mods (for Windows XP users and up).

Installation info

To make the patches work you need to install the main raised_fist mod. The patches will not work if you simply install them to your computer as they are dependent on raised_fist mod to work.

You may install any patch you like or none at all, these arent required to make raised_fist work.

Map and mod creation credits for Raised Fist v0.6 Full, Raised Fist Extended v0.61 Patch and Raised Fist Infiltration v0.61 Patch

- Texafornian, mapper and responsible in game UI + Menu changes (loading screens, loading bar, health icon, server mod icons, etc)

- Jim2102, mapper, creator of the "RF_Pitch_Black" map

- Reegad, 3D modeler and texture artist, responsible for the underground bunker mesh

- TomPL, 3D modeler, helped with the correct export of one of the building meshes in the RF_Hellhouse map

- LuccaWulf, map tester

- Smig, original maker of the map "rf_labyrinth", which was fixed and renamed by Black Mamba. Original map name was "The Man In The Wall".

- Black Mamba, mod creator, mapper and modder, creator of rf_canyon, rf_labyrinth, rf_castle, rf_hellhouse and rf_arabian_nights

Re: Raised Fist v0.5 Beta

PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 5:37 pm
by Apache Thunder
Was the map with 1300 statics lightmapped? I would bet the majority of the lag came from lightmaps. If you use DDS format lightmaps, it should remove lag issues.

Re: Raised Fist v0.5 Beta

PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 6:19 pm
by Classical Modder
Yes they were all lightmapped, terrain + objects. Object lightmaps were only for a few statics, such as the boxcars with interiors (from Raid on Agheila map), the water tower from XPack2, and the dock cabin object (harbdock_hus_m1).

Not really familiar with how to make DDS format lightmaps though. I used Senshi's tutorial for object + terrain lightmapping.

Re: Raised Fist v0.5 Beta

PostPosted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:19 am
by Classical Modder
Hi guys, I just wanted to say that development of this mod has resumed, more information can be found here:

Re: Raised Fist v0.6 Full + 0.61 Patches

PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:32 pm
by Classical Modder

Re: Raised Fist v0.6 Full + 0.61 Patches

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:59 am
by Apache Thunder
Yeah converting to DDS will reduce lag a LOT. Especially on lower end machines. But it may be tricky to do. I recall that to do it right I had to convert them from greyscale TGAs to 256 color indexed and use the provided palette file. (else the map would lose some of the lighting color the palette gives to the objects). I did this only a few times and don't recall what maps I did it on initially. Might have been a simple test run to see if it would work. :P

But it does and if you go through the hassle of finding a batch image converter that can do what I just described you can switch it to DDS and save a lot of resources. The TGAs take up a lot of vram and is why the game lags on lower end machines originally. DDS files use mipmap system and the game engine does appear to utilize that for DDS textures used on lightmap channel, so it optimizes things much better. EA/Dice I guess was just being lazy. Perhaps the DDS lightmap scheme didn't work well on really really old computers with certain video card chipsets (probably affected AMD cards more). But today it's not really an issue and if your PC isn't a complete dinosaur running an AMD card that is also just as ancient you shouldn't have too many issues from end users after switching to DDS format lightmaps. :P

For most of my projects the switch to DDS was easy though since I lightmapped everything in 3DS Max anyways and didn't rely on BF1942's somewhat outdated and crappy lightmap system. :P

Re: Raised Fist v0.6 Full + 0.61 Patches

PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:24 pm
by Classical Modder

Re: Raised Fist v0.6 Full + 0.61 Patches

PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:17 pm
by Classical Modder
Hi guys, a few of us are still working on the mod making new maps. Recently, Jim has been working on two new maps, one is called "rf_office" and is centered around close quarters combat in an office building, the other is called "rf_autumn", and it's an autumn themed map with falling leaves and orange ground textures. We play tested it yesterday. Here are a few pics:



The map is still a work in progress.

We plan to release many new maps soon, and hopefully some new soldier skins based on elite soldier units of WWII (SAS, Waffen SS).