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Midnight Sun (BF2 map conversion for DC)

Postby Apache Thunder » Fri May 23, 2014 8:21 pm

This map is another conversion from BF2. I converted all staticobjects and map assets from BF2. As with the last map, this map is intended for DesertCombat. It has no other requirements.

A new addition is the road meshes which I created using the line tool in 3DS Max. (I used line tool + sweep modifier, then after it's a mesh and UVMapped, I used the conform tool in the compound objects section to conform the mesh to the terrain) So the road meshes came out looking good.

A new BF2 vehicle is featured in this map. The AAV Type95. It's the alternate AA tank equilivent to the Tunguska from my previous map. As with the tnk_type98 and the xpack vehicles, DACV was originally responsible for porting this vehicle. I only converted it from BFV to BF1942 for use in my mods/maps.

Midnight Sun is a night map taking place in Alaska. It's one of the maps from the Armored Fury booster pack that came out for BF2.


1. Several BF2 vehicles. Jeep FAAV, Jeep Paratrooper, Type98, AAV-Type95, etc.
2. Some DC vehicles got BF2 style makeovers. the M6-Linebacker is a bradely converted into the AA tank from BF2.
3. Some DC vehicles now use BF2 gun fire sounds.
4. Road meshes similar to BF2 roads. gravel roads and streets present on this map.
5. Fully lightmapped in 3DS Max to emulate the lighting of the original BF2 map.
6. Alternate combat zone sizes for TDM/CTF game modes.
7. Full Coop/Singleplayer support.
8. Similar features brought over from my Operation Road Rage conversion.
9. Missing AI template fixed on AH-6. Don't think you can fly it around and expect the bots to ignore you now. The AAV-Type95 will rip you a new one. :P

Known bugs:

1. Minor Z-clipping issues with road meshes and terrain. This is unavoibable. Not as bad as it would be on smaller maps as the large heightmap resolution (2018x2048) seems to mitigate this effect to where it's not a big eye sore.
2. There's a brige the bots sometimes "miss" and end up driving into the river. Not a show stopper. There's other minor issues with the vehicle pathmaps, but I won't spend days fixing every little problem. They are able to get to all the flags and cap them, so that's what counts.
3. Some of the ladders don't behave correctly. For example, some ladders you have to approach from behind to climb them. This is a result of BF1942's crappy buggy ladder system. I won't bother trying to fix them. At least they work and you end up climbing the correct side when you do get on them.
4. Due to the large resolution needed for many of the lightmaps, you might need a video card with at least 256MB of video ram to play this map without slowdown.


Video Preview:

Download Links:

Client Files: (most will use this to play the game)

Server Files: (Most will use this to host dedicated servers)

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Re: Midnight Sun (BF2 map conversion for DC)

Postby buschhans » Sat May 24, 2014 10:46 pm

Yeha good work and map.:-)
I will hope, you have notice my news to this for you?
I am try my best, for tanslate it in good as well.
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Re: Midnight Sun (BF2 map conversion for DC)

Postby Lawad » Fri Aug 04, 2017 6:44 am

Thanks for the Midnight Sun map, I just played it and love it.
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Re: Midnight Sun (BF2 map conversion for DC)

Postby rubyatiy » Wed Jan 16, 2019 1:01 pm

Lawad wrote:Thanks for the Midnight Sun map, I just played it and love PhenQ in it.

That was seriously a fun loving time pass - Cheers and Thanks

Re: Midnight Sun (BF2 map conversion for DC)

Postby mistamontiel » Mon Jan 21, 2019 1:25 am



EDIT: Same for Lawad chump above, this joint needa greasemonkey!!
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