Completed old map

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Completed old map

Postby Sgt.Killboy » Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:23 pm

I just completed an old map...actually the 2nd map I ever made. It was never ment to make it into a mod,I just made it for fun, as costum EoD map, back in the days (2004). BAsicly it's a jungle map, with a lot of treehuts, connected by ropebridges. I thought it ight be funny to play it with friends. Singleplayer wasn't that strong in 2004.

For some reasons it was added to EoD in 2005 or 2006 and I was always annoyed about it (the map) when playing it. Somehow the setup was messed up like hell. Single player didn't really work and the look was awfull.

Since it (the new version) will be part of the next EoD release, i won't post much pics, just 3 to get a clue of what i did, and a lil comic i made of it.

Heres the changelog:

Control points and object spawns:
-changed fixed bases to control points
-added base "The_Alamo"
-moved treehut 2 to the left and renamed it to "Abandoned US outpost"
-renamed "Bunker" to "French Bunker"
-renamed "VC Base" to "VC Hideout"
-renamed "Australian Landing Zone" to "LZ_Alpha"
-Control point "French Bunker" is owned by AUS at startup for better balancing.
-Added 1 more APC each team
-Added several pickup kits (Anti Tank, Engineer & Blooper Medic in contol point buildings, some snipers in non contolpoint treehuts)

Static Objects:
-removed floating trees
-removed floating grass

-Adjusted light settings
-generated new lightmaps
-Added new sky
-changed watercolor settings
-new groundtextures
-added rain
-added fog

-Added new infantry pathmap
-Adjusted strategic areas

-Added new ingamemap
-added new loadingscreen pic (loader)

Fixing all the stuff took ages...I been working like a week on that piece of crap and theres still a small amount of things I would change, but I'm sick of seeing that map.
The hardest part was the singleplayer. Theres too many narrow paths, that bot's dont like. Also the ballancing was'nt easy to get done. I was moving Control points and spawn points for 2 days until i decided to change the complete setup of the flags.

I wonder if recreating it with only using the heightmap would have taken less time than the way I did it now. Well finally I'm pleased with the result.

Here's 2 screenshots of the same area:
How it was:
How it is:

As you can see, it's a whole new look. The atmosphere is pretty neat and the map is hard to win. I played 50 rounds or so and never made it to capture all flags, just won most games by getting the opponents tickets to zero.

The new loader:

Here's some more impressions:

350k warning ;)

Don't miss the next patch release of EoD in a few days to play it. It's fun!

Blooper time!

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Re: Completed old map

Postby ike » Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:39 pm

Nice comic man^^ ( i love tha rain in Hell! )

greetz ike
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Re: Completed old map

Postby Jeronimo » Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:22 am

Yey, beaucoup nice! :D

*flap* *flap* *flap* *flap* *flap* *flap* *flap* ...
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Re: Completed old map

Postby Sgt.Killboy » Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:49 am

Don't miss to get your copy soon.

EoD website is now availlable at our old website went offline a few days ago).
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Re: Completed old map

Postby Swaffy » Sat Aug 13, 2011 2:46 am

I watched a recording of one of your "live streams" of you guys playing this map. The map looks amazing, and has a lot of detail in it. I also like that you used water as a part of the map. The fog/rain effects are really nice looking, too. It's so detailed, my PC would run that map at 1 or 2 FPS.
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