melee aminations for 1942

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melee aminations for 1942

Postby jdc527 » Mon Aug 31, 2020 8:45 pm

I'm one of the people who loves a good knife takedown in modern battlefield games and I was wondering if somebody here would be able to create melee animations for the knife in 1942 and/or a bayonet charge for the bayonet in Road to Rome. I'd do it but I have absolutely no clue about game or animation design. Can somebody possibly tackle this task?
For reference try to match or mimic the knife/bayonet animations from battlefield 1 for the animations especially the ones for when standing next to the enemy or when the enemy (victim) is prone. I'm only requesting it be client side on the attacker and possibly mirrored into the 3rd person views but not necessary for an animation for the victim, just the camera zooming out when killed like it normally does. Thanks if any of you writes back interested or willing to try it out!
Have a good day!
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