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1942mods.com Site & Server

Postby GoodDayToDie!! » Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:27 am


This site/server (BF1942COMMUNITIES.COM) has gone through the ringer some since it's creation.
We are happy to announce that we are finally settled in our new home.
Please, during your down time, come visit us and share with us your thoughts
and experiences!

Register, and help keep BF42 alive!


To whom it may concern,

Today, I would like to formally announce our doors are closing.
However, like the old saying goes, "For every closed door, a
window is broken."

This site is merging with another, better planted website. We
are moving next door to 1942MODS.COM, where we can better serve
the Battlefield 1942 guru's across the world.

At 1942MODS.COM, you will have access to the following:

-Refreshed Forums
-Downloadable Content such as BF-MODS & Custom Maps
-Links to all other BF42 related websites & servers
-Including our Home Server, 1942mods.com
-And much much more

So please, know you are not forgotten and come join us as we
continue the long march down the dirt roads of Gazala, or fly
through the canyons of Battleaxe.

Register @ 1942MODS.COM and keep the fight going strong through
the Generations!!

Thank you,

1942MODS.com Staff


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