Automatic B17 Bomber

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Automatic B17 Bomber

Postby GoodDayToDie!! » Thu Jun 18, 2015 4:48 am

What's the code for the B17 bomber to systematically fly thru a section and bomb the area?
I will make it into an epic map if someone can provide the proper code(s) and instructions.

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Re: Automatic B17 Bomber

Postby Dennis|8749236 » Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:27 pm

I dont have the code but i have idea:

Idea 1:
Make a dummy PCO B17... with rocket engine..
Make a dummy PCO bomb...

Both of them cannot be entered..

Spawn the dummy B17 repeated after, say, 180 seconds.
Spawn the bomb high up so that it lands on the ground after B17 fly over..

- Easy to do..
- Takes lots of effort to get timing right;
- Also, dummy B17 and dummy bomb has to be high up so player don't notice the fake-ness..

Idea 2:
Make an object that has a rotating arm..
Set the B17 on the arm of that object.. so B17 will rotate along with it..
Even though it is rotating in circle..
But if circle is BIG enough.. then it will looks like it is simply turning slowly.. or even flying straight..
Then make a spawn point high up in the air that spawns bomb whenever the B17 goes over..

- Since rotation speed is constant, so timing gets easier..
- No need for PCO B17.. all you need is to make an object that looks like B17..
- Has to be high up in the sky just like the 1st one..

Idea 3:
Create another PCO, bomb holder, to hold the bomb...
So, basically: B17 has a bomb holder spawner below it, and bomb holder has bomb spawner below it..
Make B17 fly so that it can maintain altitude and heading.. (Furthermore, you can use rotating bundles with wings to make some pre-programmed turns if you like, but that is tricky and requires lots of tuning.. I've done it once with torpedo so that the torpedos can do LUT or FAT programs..)
Then create a spawner.. make B17 fly towards the target..
Make critical damage threshold high enough so bomb holder will constantly lose health.. and get destroyed when flying over the target... So the bomb that was held in place by bomb holder's spawner will get released..

- B17 releases bomb like real vehicle..
- B17 can fly low or even do complex maneuvers and players will get fascinated!
- Bomber is Interceptable; if you dont place it high up..
- Need to tune the B17 precisely so that it can maintain speed and altitude.. if you want it to fly low..
- Extra PCO to make it work..
- Super complicated tuning required if you want it to do maneuvers (say, make a turn..)
- Because the bombs are held together by spawner.. According to my own experience.. bombs will oscillate around the spawner as Bombers fly.. when playing over internet..

Common Flaw:
All of the method mentioned above has same problem, is that the bomb's ballistic is predictable.. not flexible..

Suggestion for B17 dummy PCO: Put the wings above the Center of Mass so that the Bomber will level it self... This is the same idea of Shoulder mounted wings.. (Center of Lift is above Center of Mass; dragging mass behind is stable.. where pushing a center of mass from the back is not..

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Re: Automatic B17 Bomber

Postby Swaffy » Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:21 pm

I did this already. You tap the bomb button once and 12 bombs drop. This is how I did it ... prepare for long stretch of code:

[Edit] Oh, you mean you want a B-17 to "fly" over an area and drop bombs without a player/bot controling it, sorry.

Create a dummy B-17 object and attach spawners to it, with spawn delays set to different times. So for 12 bombs you will have 12 ObjectSpawnTemplates with different spawn times and their spawnDelay setting on 1 (it is a boolean setting and the delay time uses the spawn time).

The object that is spawned has to be a PCO type object with the geometries of a bomb and explodes when it hits something.
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