Map request (VERY, VERY SIMPLE)

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Map request (VERY, VERY SIMPLE)

Postby greenbean » Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:38 pm


Can someone make me a map with 2 spawn points, one german 1 american, and 1 bridge inbetween them. I want a river to go across the whole map under the bridge. I want the action to be going on in a space no bigger than the island in Midway, but have the whole map available to walk around, like El Alamien. Also I do not want any vehicles accept for 10 american cars on one side and 10 german cars on the other side. Both bases shall be uncaps too. This map will be single player only and no bunkers or town is needed. Just a huge flat area with a river going through the middle, a base on one side, a base on the other side, and a bridge in the middle. It should be a clear day. If O was a base and = was a bridge the map would look like this: O====O

If that is too hard just do the same thing in the middle of the desert with no bridge. If you do it in the desert though have the same terain as el alamin.

ALSO: (IMPORTANT!) This map would be for battlefield 1942

Ok, I just re-thought something. I guess 1 bunker at each base would be good. Also 1 place to get ammo and heal up.

ALSO: This map has been made for me before...but it was not really what I wanted. I wanted a single player map and also to be able to walk around the entire map if I wanted to. You can search for the previous map if you want, but I would much rather see what someone else comes up with! Or you can mod the previous map to meet my expectations. Just search my name in forms and you'll find it. I kind of like the idea of the map being on a terrain like el alamien but with a river running through it. Thanks to whomever accepts this challenge!!!!!!!! I am really excited to see what someone will come up with.

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Re: Map request (VERY, VERY SIMPLE)

Postby Nighthawk » Tue Dec 02, 2014 4:03 am

Sand or grass?
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Re: Map request (VERY, VERY SIMPLE)

Postby Diamondback » Tue Dec 02, 2014 9:41 pm

The layout of the map is so simple I'm sure you could do it yourself. As for making a Singleplayer map, you can use the Botinator to add basic AI to your map for starters.
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