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Hi there

Postby Sunndae » Sat Mar 27, 2010 2:14 pm

Hello everyone!

I just registered here beceause I also was on the old page. Nobody will remember me or anything, im not a die hard coder or even actively doing this Im just waiting for bf43. However i have collected some files for beginners in bf42 modding that I like to share.

Honestly I dont know where to put this on the site here. I have selected objects from several mods that you can use in any bf42 mod(with readme files included). I have put them on a simple page (part of my clansite). I hope this is not advertising, I just want to share, knowing how difficult it can be to get objects without knowing modding basics. You can find and download them here:

I have updated the link today with some stuff I had still hanging around on my personal computer.
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