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Hallo everybuddy!

Postby Hannibal_kills » Fri Mar 20, 2015 2:09 am

Hi, my real name is..... a secret. Just call me Hann for the moment. I live in a normal city. I already put my address in my account so check that out
for yourself. Anyways, I came here to learn how to mod and make maps. Help from anybody would be great!

Now, let me Introduce my history of BF1942.

During the year of 2011, I got BF2 from my uncle and played it for a while. The next year, I got bored and switch to it's predecessor,
BF1942. When I played it, I realized that both BF1942 and BF2 had many mods which were awesome.
But, it was too late. So, I downloaded a variety of mods ranging from Fantasies to Historical. Then, I also realized.
If they can make a mod, why can't I? So, I started to mod in the end of 2014. Unfortunately, Battlecraft42 and MDT won't
work. MDT had Gmax problems which I'm currently solving and BC42 crashed everytime I started it. So, I had to rely on Editor42.
Which is more complex and harder. But, everything feels like it was just about a year ago. What makes my mapping hard
is that I'm using a working computer. But, at the end of this year, I'm gonna upgrade it to a mid-rig gaming PC.
If I got five 'A's in my final exam, the computer would be mine since it's my mom's PC. I don't feel worried because she already got a FREE
laptop from my second uncle. Back to BF1942, I met eYe.ris on ModDB and now he is my unoffical online friend. Now I would like to share
some info's.

What I can do:

What I can't do:
Modelling (tool does not work).

Terima kasih jika dibantu... If you want more about me, just ask because my fingers are really tired now...
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Re: Hallo everybuddy!

Postby duffman » Sat Mar 28, 2015 4:50 am


Modding for BF1942 is fun, but comes with big learning curves unless you already are a game developer...

Anyway, I prefer BattleCraft myself. The problem is that its uses some OpenGL extensions that newer laptops and cheaper graphics chips does not implement this, typically "INTEL Integrated Graphics" (rubbish!!).
If you are not a tech-dude, think of it as a specification to generate graphics in a certain way has been left out in newer cheaper graphics chips, and that is probably why your BattleCraft doesnt work.

You might need to find a new graphics card, do some gooooogling to find something suitable, and make sure you have find a patch for GameSpy as well (if you have not already)..
(I am currently using Nvidia Geforce GT 610, not the latest and greatest but will run BattleCraft, render terrain and object lightmaps within a reasonable timeframe..)

Must be nice and warm in a "Normal City" in Indonesia.. Good luck with your modding!!
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Re: Hallo everybuddy!

Postby Hannibal_kills » Wed May 06, 2015 10:25 am

I think you're right, maybe it is about graphics...
Anyway, thanks for replying. No wonder.

Can't I download the Swaffy's mod latest version DIRECTLY and not by torrent? No seeders.
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