I'm new here, but everywhere else I'm old:)

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I'm new here, but everywhere else I'm old:)

Postby Psycho » Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:07 pm

Hello all.

I just found this thread, so I guess I present my self in some way.

I started out with an Atari 520 in 1987 or so. Mostly gaming, but also made animations and other graphics (Without internet I had alot of time to be creative hehe).
When I got my first Pc ( Think it was an pentium 75mhz) I continiued i the same tracks.
Started With LAN gaming in the good old days of Doom. And then When the first Quake was released, I discovered that one could make your own maps. Since then, with some pauses for the so called real life, I get hooked on mapping now and then.
My thing when making maps is to make "maximum maps", that means not that I try to put everyting from the game in one map (or, maybe it does :)). But I try to make maps with lots of different possible strategies when playing. I guess I like the "sand box" concept.

Games I have made maps for: Quake 1, Warcraft 2, some flightsim, don't remember the name, C&C red alert, C&C Generals, BF1942, BF2 and Battle for the middle earth.

I hade one really unexpected success with one map I made. It spread over the net, and many used that map to make their own versions ( wich I'm in my turn used to make other versions. It was a map called G.R.I.M mad for Lord of the rings Battle for the middle earth.

The idea for the map was to increase the unit cap, to make the battle more like in the movies. and also I put all the battlefields from the movies in one and same map. And also I added som extra hero units that wasent used in multiplayer in the standard game.
I'm still working of a new version , because to day people have a lot faster computers, that can handle thousands of units.

Anyway, a couple of years back I started to make maps for BF2. That editor was a real pain in the ass, to make a map even start I had a checklist a half mile long of special things that must be done in the right order. I started again with my maximum concept, and had a half finished map with a great "sand box" battlefield feeling. Then I had a hard disk crasch..... I almost killed my self....

Now I work at Saab automobile , and since 5 months back now I'm going here at home with pay, and does nothing. So one day I installed old BF1942 to try it with my triplehead2go. Then I started the editor for the first tim in several years (battlecraft that is).

So now I have sitting here making this maxmap for almost three weeks now. Yeah I know Im slow, but there is allways something more to "fiddle" with:). And now I'm trying to add some carefully chosen custom objects/vehicles. And since I never been very good at coding (except for industrial robots) I searched and found this place.

I got this Hawker Typhoon from the old FH mod flyinga around and looking nice, with no engine sound and no working weapons, and I'm kindof stuck I guess. Here is the planes files thatr I imported, http://uppit.com/aebqwfjrose4/typhoon_files_03.zip. So if someone have time and will to loock at them, and tell me what is wrong I would be greatfull.

A Quick taste of my map: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-Qls47-sog
I want to live in a created universe. Virtual reality, here I come.
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Re: I'm new here, but everywhere else I'm old:)

Postby fo0k » Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:52 am

Good bit of background Psycho, thx mapping has been an addiction for me over most of the past 10 years too.. its satisfying stuff :)
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Postby freddy » Thu Sep 01, 2011 10:55 pm

Hi and welcome Psycho.
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