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Postby =ArA=DeathFromAbove » Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:49 am

Thanks fellas for the invite to come over. I noticed that admin had gone bananas over there at ssm. Very surprised Y2K didnt say anything to us - seems a little fishy...

I have a couple of things i am working on in BFV AI. One is to try and get the heuys and chinooks to fly more like humans and the other is to get the tango bot to actually drive the tango. Pilot gets in tango drivers seat which starts it up and then it dont move. Ill check for throttle command.
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Postby fo0k » Sun Nov 01, 2009 7:14 pm

hey man, welcome..

can't help with this.... but.. welcome ;)
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Postby motoko » Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:19 pm

You should ask Twist, BooM?, or Urgulb about this question. Although, I do not know if they are on this forum as of now.
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Postby CaRnAgE » Thu Jan 07, 2010 6:55 pm

is it on custom or stock maps that you haveing the problems with the tangos
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Postby N!tro » Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:33 pm

Bots will always be stupid bots what ever you mod for them...
Sorry Urglub (if you ever connect here) but don't tell me your bots are superior just cause you've put AI for mines and stuff like that cause we agreed in the past that when they have to "think" too much they just stay still as training targets.

I mean some stuff had to be fixed, some worked, but adding new AI stuff barely never works; Knife, betties... they can use them ok! but how bad they fun!
And that will delay their reaction, they' will always stop moving before they decide what to do and that might be why devs rem'ed the codes...
I think anyone who wasted enough time coding bots would agree as long as they don't have to promote their COOP server :P
That was a ranting on BfV soldiers AI...cause I spent too much time working on that :evil:

Now back to the subject, bots might be better in vehicles tho.
I tried to fiddle with the AI choppers' controls and never got significant changes.
Btw Helicopters AI is not that bad cause even some humans can't keep an heli up in the sky as bots do :lol:

You can change the heli engines properties so it'd easier to control for AI or even add a tweaked engine (removed networkableinfo first) to the chopper so it will more act as a plane (AI has less control problems with planes except bombing...Ha!always something wrong)
But then human players will find the heli commands a bit weird...

Anyhow, it sounds like the biggest is the chopper the more bots fly like stones so i'd recommand Loach and Hormone for them
Hormone=No problem except maybe the copilot weapon AI?...check it out

Loach AI is totaly wrong and needs a new code cause i guess the devs messed up converting UH1 to OH1 where we have a OH6...They then also messed up the passenger stuff.
This allow bots to fly the Loach
Code: Select all OH-6
ObjectTemplate.aiTemplate OH-1Ass OH-6_CoPilot_PCO
ObjectTemplate.aiTemplate OH-1MG3

Same for the OH-6 miniguns...
OH-6/Weapons.con says
Code: Select all
ObjectTemplate.aiTemplate OH-6_AutoCannon

Look at OH-6/AI/Weapons.con...???
You can find unused codes and OH-1_AutoCannon wich is not even set to burst...
Make a new one or active/mod this one!
About Tango, i guess the bots don't bother maintain the throttle as its engine's so weak :? (almost same AI code than PBR and they drive PBR don't they?)
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Postby crazymx3000 » Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:32 am

lol , few people say that ai's are stupid and allways will be (not saying anyone here is). but there is a solution , i dont know it but mikex222 did it , there alot smarter , there like real people.
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Postby mikex222 » Fri Apr 09, 2010 8:57 am

crazymx3000 wrote:lol , few people say that ai's are stupid and allways will be (not saying anyone here is). but there is a solution , i dont know it but mikex222 did it , there alot smarter , there like real people.

yes i did make bot smarter... however... i have rewrote the ai for planes,helicopters,boats,tanks and jeeps...
simply the planes try not to get to close to the ground... they are aloud to turn more and roll more as much as they like... one problem tho... you let them roll too much they end up rolling so much they don't stop and suddenly they want to turn and their still rolling ... what happens... they crash.
helicopters i did the same thing allowed then to turn more, roll more and and focus more on their shots with the weapon ai's... they are actually good... if you're on the ground or in the air you are bound to get shot.

when i used to play i could easily take on a average of 10-15 bots until i die...
now im scared just seeing one of the damn things

sorry to post all this... its just rubbish and doesn't help in any way. i don't remember what i coded/recoded because it was a long time ago now... and also i was just playing around with code tryna make them better
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