BFV homing missiles YAY !!!

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BFV homing missiles YAY !!!

Postby ERYL » Mon Oct 27, 2014 2:27 am

I just discovered how the missiles in BFV work. For the tests I made a very buggy unmanned engine in a helicopter from what I understood from Apache's cars in DCU. And it attracted the missiles. :D

The code from the SA7:
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ObjectTemplate.isHeatSeeking 1
ObjectTemplate.heatMaxTurnForce 5
ObjectTemplate.heatMaxTurnForceVsAir 90
Makes the projectile fly to the nearest working engine inside its field of view.
MaxTurnForce is for land/water vehicles and MaxTurnForceVsAir for planes and helicopters

This has lots of potential in gameplay: Someone could make PCO's an use them as flares, target drones for training, or attach them to the soldiers just for fun :twisted:
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