AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.1-v0.31 + Mappack Release!

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AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.1-v0.31 + Mappack Release!

Postby buschhans » Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:00 pm



We wanted to make a mini-mod for AIX2 a long time ago.
For add some bug fixes, balance tweaks, new contents.
So we created it. which is named "AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD".
Our first release is in 2010. We had opened to the public it only in Battlefield Singleplayer Forum.
But we think that this mini-mod should be came out to many people.
Today, We have started ModDB page for AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD.
You can get our mini-mod here. and play!

This mini-mod isn't made by AIX dev team.
So this is unofficial mini-mod.
AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD is unofficial mini-mod for Allied Intent Xtended.
(Allied Intent Xtended is a mod for Battlefield 2. You need to install this mod before play our mini-mod.)


AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD requires Battlefield 2 v1.5 and Allied Intent Xtended 2.0.
If you have already installed them, download AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.31 Full Client and install it.

If you want to play more custom maps, you should download AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD Mappack 1.

AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.31 (Current version)
This mod requires BF2v1.5 & AIX2. ... ull-client

Mapppack for AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD (Optional) ... d-mappack1

We provide some bugfixes, better balance, and new features.

- Converted BF2 contents (include Armored Fury & Euro Force)
- Improved AI (more aggressive & stable. all maps have bot support)
- HAYABUSA's Custom Map
- New Sounds
- New Effects
- New Animations
- New Skins (UN tank skin, su-30mkk digital camo, new SG552 skin, and more)
- New Gun (SR-25)
- New Maps (Omaha Beach 2011 & Operation Chromite)
- Adjusted game balance (weapon deviation, vehicle damage, lock-on distance, etc...)

Thanks to:
Allied Intent Xtended devteam & BattlefieldSingleplayer
Clivewill (V-22 Osprey & other models)

Today, we show the changelog of this mini-mod.
It's more detailed than the last news.

Image Image Image Image

AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD Changelog (v0.1-0.31)


-Increased camera shake factor.
-Removed "Scream4Death".
-You cant enter the uncap base.


-You can get extra points when you destroy enemy vehicle.
-Bots can not get any points. Their scores are always 0.

*Soldier tweaks

-Removed "Dolphin Jump".
-The critical head shot appears only by sniper rifles. And it cause "dead".(can not revive)
-The amount of HP recovered by medipack has been reduced from 100% to 25%.
-The amount of HP revived has reduced from 100 to 25.
-Reduced soldier HP from 120 to 100. same as vanilla bf2.
-Reduced sprint time of heavy armor soldier.
-Kevlar Vest prevents bullet damage more than vanilla bf2.
-Adjusted ragdoll physics.

*Weapon tweaks

-Reduced handgrenades and grenade launchers.
-Increased grenade launcher velocity.
-C4 and C4 time-bomb can be disarmed with the wrench.
-Milkor MGL140 / Portable Minigun / Mortar became pickup kit only.
-Mk19 Grenade Launcher become full-auto. and increased firerate.

-SRAW has two types of guide system. Laser guide and direct attack. Wire guide was removed.
-Tweaked SRAW/Eryx/RPG-7 projectile physics. RPG-7 has bullet-drop.
-TOW missile became more faster.
-Anti-air missiles became more slower. but increased follow performance.

-G36C, G36E, MG36 have two-point burst instead of three-point burst.
-Adjusted sniper rifle zoomfactor. Semi-auto rifles and full-auto rifles are separated by zoom power.
-Anti material rifle can only shot from prone.
-Anti material rifle can damage light armored vehicles. (include APC/AAV.)

-Binoculars can designate lock-on markers.

*Vehicle tweaks
-Reduced tracer interval from most vehicles. it's for performance issue.
-Removed spawnpoints from all vehicles.

+Land vehicles
-Increased land vehicle mobility.
-Reduced collision damage which caused by terrain.
-Added coaxial LMG to APC/AAV.
-Tank guns became more deadly. APC/AAV will be blown up by 1 shot.
-Increased the thickness of tank front armor.

+Air vehicles
-Adjusted aircraft speed and mobility. Max speed without afterburner is set to 800~900.
-Adjusted vanilla aircraft performance to AIX vehicles.
-AAS cannot be locked on by any missiles.
-The lock-on-range of AAS is set to 400 : shorter than AIX.
-Heli gunner can choose guide system, TV guide or Laser guide.

-Removed throw knife from standard kits. There are only in pickup kits.
-Removed AT mine and mortar from anti-tank kit.
-Removed mortar from engineer kit.
-Removed hook and crossbow from sniper kit.
-Added color smoke to assault and support kit.
-Added some pickup kits. (Deployable AAS/ATS)

*Added SR-25 (unlock weapon)

*Added vanilla vehicles

*Added Armored Fury / Euro Force vehicles

*Added clivewill's add-on (Thanks for permission!)

-V-22 Osprey
-Some aircraft skins
==Static Objects==

*Added Czech Hedgehog (for landing maps)

*Added some new skins
-New UN skins for some vehicles
-Fixed textures for G36 series
-Su-30MKK digital camouflage skin for CH/RU
-New SG552 skin

*Added new animations
-Magpul MASADA
-USP Match
-Deployable Stinger/IGLA
-Deployable TOW/HJ-8

*New sounds
-infantry weapon
-vehicle gun
-bullet flyby
-bullet collision

*Added distant sounds
-infantry weapon
-vehicle gun

*Improved effect

-muzzle flash
-fire effect
-missile/rocket trail

*Added some vanilla maps (Bot Support)

-Road to Jalalabad/16,32,64
-Dalian Plant/16,32
-Dragon Valley/16
-Dragon Valley Moon/16
-Karkand Stormfront/16
-Sharqi Peningla/16
-AIX Wake Island/16,32
-Wake Twilight/16,32
-FuShe Pass/16,32,64
-Mashtuur City/16,32,64
-Operation Clean Sweep/16,32,64
-Operation Blue Pearl/16,32,64
-Operation Smoke Screen/16,32,64

*Added new map (Bot Support)

-First Battle of Karkand
-Operation Chromite
-Omaha Beach 2011

*Added HAYABUSA's custom maps (Thanks for permission!)

-Armored Fury Two
-Mercs Bunker Hill
-New City
-Train Yard
-Woodys Revenge


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AIX 2: WIP contents for upcoming version

Postby buschhans » Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:01 pm


Today, we introduce some of the contents that would be available in the next version of AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD.
These features are not such a big change as in-game contents, but they might bring a new perspective of gameplay of this MiniMOD.

Image Image Image

From times ago, we've been considering to add a new kind of weapons/vehicles.
However, we decided to modify some of the vehicles that exist already since we didn't have developers who are capable with creating new 3D skins.
This vehicle "HMMWV MLRS" is kind of a mobile rocket launcher.
Besides USMC, which has Humvee as their own weapon, we're also creating counterparts that would belong to CHPLA (China) or MEC.
These kinds of vehicles don't exist in reality; however, if we hopefully get 3D models for these vehicles, we would add these as a replacement.

"Night Vision Device"

[img]From%20times%20ago,%20we've%20been%20considering%20to%20add%20a%20new%20kind%20of%20weapons/vehicles.%20However,%20we%20decided%20to%20modify%20some%20of%20the%20vehicles%20that%20exist%20already%20since%20we%20didn't%20have%20developers%20who%20are%20capable%20with%20creating%20new%203D%20skins.%20This%20vehicle%20"HMMWV%20MLRS"%20is%20kind%20of%20a%20mobile%20rocket%20launcher.%20Besides%20USMC,%20which%20has%20Humvee%20as%20their%20own%20weapon,%20we're%20also%20creating%20counterparts%20that%20would%20belong%20to%20CHPLA%20(China)%20or%20MEC.%20These%20kinds%20of%20vehicles%20don't%20exist%20in%20reality;%20however,%20if%20we%20hopefully%20get%203D%20models%20for%20these%20vehicles,%20we%20would%20add%20these%20as%20a%20replacement.%20"Night%20Vision%20Device"[/img] Image Image Image Image

We also are working with adding a night vision device (NVD) that is known in the official expansion pack of BF2:Special Forces.
Upon adding NVD, firstly we have to solve copyright stuff between us, Dev team of AIX2EMM, and EA/DiCE.
AND we suppose that it would be avoidable if preparing our own texture for the NVD.
Fortunately, the NVD shader is already contained in BF2 game and it should all okay to use them as a part of our in-game content.
Of course we noticed that the shader itself needs bugfix, therefore it's quite possible that we give up having NVD in-game if the defect turns out to be unchangeable.

Note that these in-game contents may not be added if they are considered to be unnecessary upon examining the contents in the beta testing.

See you then!
AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD Dev team.

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Good and Bad News, and Developer Wanted

Postby buschhans » Tue Oct 23, 2012 11:02 pm


Hi there, it's getting chilly over here in Japan, and the translator's residence, NY, too.
Here are some good news and bad news coming in today.

*Introduction of the anti-tank rocket launcher

Fortunately enough, we are happy to welcome the new 3D creator into our team.
He's already got his hands on the new job that would be available in upcoming version.


Here is a new AT rocket launcher called "SMAW"
We are going to replace the USMC AT soldier's kit from SRAW to this SMAW.
Also, we are ready to create PF-89 or DZJ-08 as CHPLA (China forces) counterparts.
By this change, every faction has only a rocket launcher as an anti-vehicle weapon and the AT missile is only available as pick-up kit across maps.

*Delay in the release date of upcoming version (v0.32)

We just noticed in the last news update that it would be between this November and December that the upcoming version is released.
However, unfortunately, we eventually learned that the development is taking a little too longer than we expected. Therefore we decided to extend the release date.
So far, an expected date of release is in the first half of January, 2013.

*Next Thing to Do, and Developers WANTED

And lastly, we officially announce our organizational structure, development plans, and our recruitment of modders.

We, as "AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD Development Team" is a small group
that consist of Japanese volunteers.
On this website ModDB, there are four members enlisted and working, and officially we have a team leader who is also working on this mod.

As stated above, we are a very small group. Therefore, we don't have the clear views and milestones.
Every member gives ideas and they create on themselves, and then we get them on the actual version of this mod through beta testing.
Since we have to be really careful about the gaming balance of the mod, it's not quite possible to put whatever contents.
However, we almost freely come up with the hundreds of ideas and keep on developing.

Currently, we are planning to implement additional and new contents, and we need 3D model creator and level creator.
If you are an expert in creating these elements and are interested in participating in the development, you're welcome to MiniMOD team.
Upon communicating, we use our ModDB forum. We are all Japanese but if you are able to get in touch in English, that would not be a problem.

So far, we are receiving tens of great comments, feedbacks and cheerings from you guys.
Thank you for these warm messages. We'll continue working on this project appreciating those who like this MiniMOD.
See you soon, soldiers!

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