BF2 SFX-SP-32+Modding Tut

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BF2 SFX-SP-32+Modding Tut

Postby Cobra_SFX » Sun Oct 16, 2011 2:38 am

Hi all,

I made a tutorial on Modding BF2 ...

Points Covered:
Changing the 16 Map to the 32 Map.
Importing New/Custom Content.
Adding More Vehicles.
Adding Buildings.
Adding a second Aircraft Carrier.
Adding more SpawnPoints.
Relocating Flags and Spawns.
Vehicle Destruction Mods.
Adding/Modifying a Python Script.
Ingame Coordinates system via the Admin Menu.
Ranks and Awards Script.
Lots of Tips added.

You can download it in Txt format or PDF, ive also added plenty of tips :)

I hope this helps some peeps out.

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